Web Development

Do you want a WordPress site that you can maintain? Would you rather that we maintain your WordPress site for you? We can do that, too. We do extraordinary at no extra cost.

Analysis of Current Site

We can provide you a comprehensive analysis of your current site with a detailed approach to adjustments and/or a redesign approach to a more modern site that better reflects your business message and engages your customers.

WordPress Customization

Does your business have an existing WordPress site that you need to be tailored to your corporate brand/identity. Perhaps you bought or downloaded a template and need help making it more unique or a better reflection of your business’ message. We can do that.

WordPress Management

Sometimes your daily business life doesn’t leave much time to spend on managing your own WordPress site. We can offer you an affordable monthly plan to manage your site for you (with free hosting).

Website Analytics

We would love to talk to you about setting up a system to track the success of your social media posts and their direct contribution to website traffic. Many people believe that having a website designed and hosted is all it takes to get traffic. We can help you take the guesswork out of gauging the success of your online presence.

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